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Dreams of Sailing around Ireland!

There’s a magnificent yacht that sails around the coast of Ireland. It’s belong to the people of Ireland and called “The Spirit of Oysterhaven“. The purpose of this vessel is to give Irish young people the opportunity to learn to sail.

Well I don’t know about you, but I never had the chance to learn to sail as a youngster. And most people I know didn’t. Unless you knew someone who had a boat you might never even have been out on the water. I remember the excitement when I was about 8 years old of going out into Cork Harbour on the Puffin Boat but trips onto the water were few and far between … and I’m not sure that the ferry to Holyhead really counts.

Well, Drogheda’s Sail Training Bursary offers local young people aged 16-18 the opportunity to learn to sail and we’d love to see local youngsters grab the opportunity with both hands. Sailing away on a sea-faring adventure is a very exciting opportunity. Learning to sail, learning to work as part of crew and learning how to manage yourself are just some of the benefits that will be experienced on this voyage of self-discovery.

“I was challenged in every single way, I made friends for life and I achieved things I never ever thought possible.  Every day brought a new challenge.” (Trainee 2015)

If you know a young person who would relish the opportunity of learning to sail on the “Spirit of Oysterhaven” do tell them about the Drogheda Sail Training Bursary … it could open the door to the adventure of a lifetime!

Voyages 2016: The Spirit of Oysterhaven, the host ship for the Drogheda Sail Training Bursary Scheme, will return once again to the Irish Maritime Festival this July. Captain Oliver Hart and his crew will welcome 20 trainees’ onboard over two separate voyages, each 6 days in duration around the Irish Coastline:

  • Inward Voyage: 2nd July- 8th July from Waterford to Drogheda
  • Outward Voyage: 10th July- 15th July from Drogheda to Derry

Take a look at a typical day’s adventure onboard for the Drogheda Bursary Sail trainees;


Find Out More and Apply: Download our Bursary – Information Pack to find out more and apply now by completing our Bursary 2016 – Application Form and Bursary 2016 – Approval Form. What are you waiting for?


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